Squirrel Trapping & Removal

For over ten years, Critter Control of Cape Cod has provided quality squirrel trapping & removal services to the Cape community. 

Squirrels in Cape Cod

Squirrels are an important natural resource in Massachusetts. Both Red and Gray squirrels are prominently found in Cape Cod. Gray squirrels are known to cause more trouble than Red squirrels in suburban areas, and can cause damage to flower/vegetable gardens and landscaping. In the fall and winter, squirrels often try to create nests in buildings - in attics, crawl spaces, and sheds. In these nests, they eat, sleep, urinate, etc. - which causes damage to wood, insulation and other materials, and some very unpleasant odors. Once they've created a nest in your living space, squirrels can also cause disruptive noises, causing discomfort to you and your family.

Professional Squirrel Services

At Critter Control of Cape Cod, we receive lots of calls pertaining to squirrels - removal, prevention, and damage repair. We are experienced at confronting squirrels in an effective and humane matter. We'll help you get rid of squirrels, and then prevent them from returning to your living space. 

If you suspect that there are squirrels nesting in your attic, walls, or any small crawl spaces in your house, don't try to get rid of the squirrel problem yourself. Instead, call us at 508.690.0076 and we'll come provide a home inspection. Then, we'll remove the squirrel intruders and seal the entry points properly and thoroughly, to keep them from returning.  

Before a Critter Control technician arrives to inspect your home, it's best to have a good idea of the layout of your home and its potential entry points. Once we arrive, we'll help you look at the home through the eyes of a squirrel looking to build a nest, and we'll help you understand what steps you can take to prevent them from intruding in the future. 

The specialists at Critter Control of Cape Cod have extensive experience dealing with squirrel problems. Let us help you remove these pests from your home, and restore your space to its former condition.