House mice are one of the more common nuisance animals that cause problems in and around homes in Cape Cod. Once they find access to enter your home, they can cause a multitude of problems like chewing electric wires, fabrics, structures and other materials, eating and damaging food storage, contaminating surfaces with feces, etc. 

Mice have sharp senses of smell, taste, hearing and touch. They are also exceptional climbers, and can easily scale textured vertical surfaces. They also are adept at jumping from surface to surface, have very quick reflexes, and can squeeze themselves into tiny holes and spaces. This makes them difficult animals to catch - and getting rid of mice is difficult!

House Mice in Cape Cod

If you are experiencing a house mice problem in your home or workplace, chances are that they have already established multiple points of entry to access your home. The house mice removal professionals at Critter Control of Cape Cod are here to help you get rid of the mice that are wreaking havoc in your home, and also to mouse-proof your space. This is the difference between our company, and our competitors. 

Critter Control of Cape Cod takes the time to do a thorough inspection of your home, from the roofline down to the foundation. We identify every current and potential mouse entry point, taking photographs along the way, and then we provide a detailed report on what areas of the house need attention and reinforcement against potential mice intruders. In order to generate more profit from more repairs and inspections to your home, most pest companies utilize an approach that is a temporary fix for the mice infestation problem (and the associated damage and health concerns that come with it). The Critter Control of Cape Cod philosophy is that it's better to not let the mice enter to begin with!

Professional House Mice Services

Our process includes getting rid of the current mice infestation, and then we guarantee that the mice will not return by mouse-proofing the home. Most pest control companies like to say that it is impossible to mouse-proof a home. We disagree; there is no home that cannot be mouse-proofed.  

Let us help you get rid of your house mice infestation problem. For quality, effective mouse-proofing and removal solutions, call Critter Control of Cape Cod.