Commercial Wildlife Control

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who have to get rid of mice, raccoons, rats, squirrels or other pests. When it comes to commercial animal control, pest control, and wildlife removal services, Critter Control’s certified wildlife control specialists are leading the industry with safe, effective, and humane animal removal solutions. 
Our professionals at Critter Control of Cape Cod are expertly trained to handle any commercial animal-pest control situation. We service condominium properties, apartment buildings, retail stores, office buildings, industrial plants, military bases, warehouses and more. At Critter Control, commercial animal removal solutions are our specialty!
We handle your nuisance raccoons, rat or mice infestations, moles or skunk in your lawn, and squirrels or bats in your attic. Regardless of size or location we can develop a plan to solve your animal and pest headaches.
Our team works closely with our commercial clients to provide the best possible solution to your animal control and pest problems. If confronted with unwanted wildlife at your business it's best to leave it to the professionals for the safety of you and your coworkers. Animals can often become defensive or aggressive if they feel cornered or threatened, so keep a safe distance and call us to schedule an inspection.
Critter Control offers commercial wildlife removal services to areas nationwide. From Seattle to Southern Florida, we provide exceptional animal and pest control solutions for commercial buildings, including animal removal, wildlife relocation, dead animal removal, animal trapping, bird control, animal damage repair and animal damage prevention. Think you may have bats in the attic or squirrels in the walls of your commercial business? Critter Control can help.
Critter Control has offices throughout the United States and Canada. If you are not in the Cape Cod area, please call 1-800-CRITTER or visit our Office Finder to find a Critter Control office near you. We have the professional wildlife management solutions you need!